here you find my masterclasses 2022:

8-14 July 2022: Viktring, Austria

15.Aug.-21.Aug. 2022 Allegro Vivo Masterclasses, Horn, A,

24.-26. Oct. 2022, Musikakademie Tirol, Achenkirch, A,

About my professorship at the UNIVERSITÄT MOZARTEUM, Salzburg:

To me, passing on knowledge to the next generation is a human condition  - because I have also learned from my role models. In doing so, I have made it a condition for myself to be inspired and to learn in every lesson - from the abilities of the students, their creativity, the interaction, the joint honing of a thing, and about the verbalization of music in all its components: Emotion, Form, Technique, History, Intellect.

I would like to accompany my major - students a piece of their way in a form that I myself needed at that time: 

  • Meeting at eye level  

  • 100 percent attention to the student in class 

  • Exploration of the score based on the student's prepared playing: choice of tempo, general statement of the piece, compositional background, form, transitions, hierarchy of voices, pointing out particular compositional ideas in melody, harmony and rhythm, etc.


  • how do you technically implement a musical idea? How to practice as effectively as possible? "Dissection" and disentanglement of detailed technical issues. Working out the best possible safeguarding of technique in terms of: Intonation, rhythm, naturally vibrating tone production (bow, bow, bow...) and , very important: physical positioning and relaxation.

  • continuous weekly, monthly and yearly plans for concerts, exams, competitions, auditions

  • preparation for podium behavior and body language in personal interpretation

  • step-by-step learning of 2 mundane pillars of interpretation: fingerings and bowings.

  • Short-, medium- and long-term planning as a basis for success

  • Advice in career related matters 

  • joint concerts at every opportunity, because nowhere do you learn more than together on the podium

  • I find it very personally rewarding to be able to help my highly talented and disciplined students develop, and to guide and accompany their successes or setbacks (which we all have)-

  • all of this through the magic of music!


  • At the Mozarteum University, I also teach Jazz Improvisation for Strings as a group minor (optional): here we focus on jazz improvisation techniques on the violin at all levels (beginner, advanced). 

  • We will learn jazz notation, ( chord symbols and how to use them as chords or scales) various jazz standards in terms of:  Structure, melody phrasing, bass features, accompaniment techniques, improvisation over existing harmonies.

  • Furthermore, we will discuss important jazz interpretations and compose and transcribe solos.