Great music in a small ensemble.

The chamber ensemble Salzburg Orchestra Soloists was founded in 2005 by Andreas Steiner and is composed of leading members of the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg, as well as Austrian and German traditional orchestras.

The artistic focus of the ensemble is on symphonic works from the Classical and Romantic eras. A broad repertoire of selected ensemble music from the Classical and Romantic periods, but also from the 20th century, in particular music composed for solo chamber ensemble by the founders of the IGNM (International Society for New Music) in 1922, is also of great concern to the musicians of the ensemble.

The characteristic of the ensemble is to play orchestral or ensemble music, whether in arranged form or in its original instrumentation, in solo instrumentation, mostly without a conductor.

Through intensive cooperation of highly qualified and soloistically ambitious musicians, the ensemble has found a sound culture and a style of music-making of a special kind, which very soon made it known beyond the borders. Since 2007, the Salzburg Orchestra Soloists have been a regular guest at festivals and concert series throughout Europe. (

In 2013, the Salzburg Orchestra Soloists made their debut at the Salzburg Festival and have been a constant in the team of the Opera for Children section ever since.

In 2014 and 2018, the chamber ensemble was invited on an extensive concert tour to the Republic of Korea.

Numerous CD recordings, whether as studio productions or live recordings, are commercially available by the Salzburg Orchestra Soloists and have been internationally reviewed.