Latest news, March 2018:

 OehmsClassics is celebrating Benjamin Schmid´s 50th birthday with a "Benjamin Schmid Complete OehmsClassics Recordings“ 20 CD- Box this year, including several unpublished recordings. (Tschaikowsky Violinconcerto+ Dvorak Romance, and  „My Favorite Paganini“, selection of Paganini, Tartini, Milstein), release August 2018

New CDs in 2018:  Weinberg Violinconcerto (with Radio Symphony Vienna, Cornelius Meister, Capriccio, release January 2018), Bartok Violin Concertos (with Pannon Philharmonic, Tibor Bogányi, Gramola, release May 2018) , Stradihumpa ( Duo with Tubaplayer Andreas Hofmeir, ACT, release 23 March 2018)