the complete violinist

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Benjamin Schmid
Schmid was wonderful, supremely lyrical“
The Guardian, London

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Benjamin Schmid
"What a concert! Benjamin’s Schmid's Paganini Violin Concerto, and its cadenza, will live in our minds for years."
Capetown Philharmonic Newsletter

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Benjamin Schmid
« Benjamin Schmid s´est hissé en un temps record tout en haut de la pyramide des Violinistes”
L´Impartial, Neuchatel, CH

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Benjamin Schmid
"a musician with an exceptional bowing expertise and a phenomenal technique"
Dagbladet, Norway.

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Benjamin Schmid
“Performances with more interest per bar than most can manage for entire sonatas”
Grammophone, London

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Benjamin Schmid
"It was a masterclass in violin technique, demonstrating the remarkable along with lyrical, with equal facility"
Cape Times, Capetown, South Africa

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Benjamin Schmid
Schmid is one of the most valuable of today’s golden-age-violinists“
The New York Sun

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Benjamin Schmid
I don’t remember a Berg-performance that sang better than this one“
Financial Times

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Benjamin Schmid
Schmid mesmerises from his very first entry, shaping phrases with a skin-rippling sensitivity to send the spirits soaring. A violin classic.”
Strad Magazine, London