Masterclasses with Benjamin 2016

All Masterclasses 2016!


Please be very welcome at Benjamin´s  Masterclasses in 2016:


February 22-28: Bad Elster, Germany

Churfürstliche Meisterkurse Bad Elster, including Student´s concert on February 27, Competition Winners Concert with Bad Elster Symphony (Mozart) on Feb 28 in the wonderful Bad Elster Theater,  and Professor´s Concert on February 26 (Benjamin Schmid, Violin; Pauline Sachse, Viola; Peter Bruns, Cello)


July 3-7 Bern, Switzerland

Masterclass inluding Student´s Concert on July 6 in the lovely Konzertsaal Kramgasse


July 26-28, Lucca, Tuscany, Italia

Masterclass on with focus on Paganinis and Vienna Classical Music, including a competition on July 29, with Benjamin Schmid as Chairmen of Jury

1. Chamber music – Premio Luigi Boccherini

1st prize: € 5,000

2nd prize: € 3,000

3rd prize: € 2,000

2. violin – dedicated to Paganini

1st prize: € 2,500

2nd prize: € 1,500

3rd prize: € 1,000

Its name is Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival. It will be held in the beautiful Tuscany city of Lucca (July 25th – August 6th, 2016). Inside its walls were born famous composers such as Puccini, Boccherini, Geminiani, Catalani and other ones less renowned. But Lucca was also the city and the theatre where Paganini became Paganini. Our Festival wants to revive this unique musical tradition with the meeting between well known International musicians and young musicians from all over the world, through an energetic and full time two weeks activity mainly focused on classical and early romantic repertoire.


 August 1-6 Lisboa, Portugal

CLASSICAL SUMMER - Lisbon International Music Academy

Including various prizes and a Student´s Concert in Centro Belem

And a Professors Concert with Benjamin Schmid

 link in English is:




August 7-13, Salzburg Summer Academy

Enjoy Masterclasses with Benjamin at his home School, worldfamous Universität Mozarteum next to dozens of famous teachers and in the midst of Salzburg Festival.



August 22-27, Horn , Austria, Allegro Vivo Festival

Including many Students performance opportunities as well as several prizes to be awarded.


September 13-16, Ochsenhausen, Germany

Landesakademie Baden-Würtemberg

Enjoy premium Masterclasses in the perfect surroundings of Stift Ochsenhausen, with Benjamins Soloperformance (Bach and Ysaye) and a Student´s Concert in the superb athmosphere of the „Alte Bibliothek“, as well as partiziping in scholarship awards.